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bulletNational Geographic: Sea Monsters Virtual Dig - Choose a fossil, start digging and discover your own piece of the prehistoric past. site annotation for National Geographic: Sea Monsters Virtual Dig

bulletSan Diego Zoo: Elephant Odyssey - Take a journey through time to learn the ways of the mammoths and their descendants, the elephants. This is a highly interactive journey through the mammoth's environment. site annotation for San Diego Zoo: Elephant Odyssey

bulletScholastic Study Jams: Fossils - You can use the orange arrows to move the slide show of fossils and paleontology digs or let the images change on their own. Try out the test about fossils as well. site annotation for Scholastic Study Jams: Fossils

bulletExploring Fossils and the Fossil Record - Are you ready to become a Paleontologist? Explore the hall of knowledge and then go on a dig. site annotation for Exploring Fossils and the Fossil Record

bulletVirtual Dinosaur Dig - On this virtual dig, you can find a fossil, excavate your fossil, and then learn about the dinosaur that it came from. You'll need to take the specimen back to the museum to prepare it for display. site annotation for Virtual Dinosaur Dig

bulletDinosaur Tracks - "These horned dinosaur footprints were found in the United States, near the town of Golden, Colorado. We can use these prints to tell how fast these dinosaurs were walking." (site) site annotation for Dinosaur Tracks

bulletFeathers and Flight - "We know that some dinosaurs had feathers, but did dinosaurs actually fly? If not, why did they have feathers? Comparing the feathers of ancient dinosaurs to those of modern birds can provide some interesting clues to the origin of feathers and flight." (site) site annotation for Feathers and Flight

bulletThe Trace Fossil Mystery - What are trace fossils? Learn more about these interesting remnants of the past, including some scientific mistakes! site annotation for The Trace Fossil Mystery

bulletUnderstanding Geologic Time - This interactive activity helps you get a sense of the huge spread of geologic time. Click on the Start Student on the left side of your screen. site annotation for Understanding Geologic Time

bulletNational Geographic: Dinosaur Eggs - Visit this National Geographic site for an online egg hunt. Find dino eggs around the world and then hatch them to see how the embryos are exposed by researchers. See a model of how the embryos might have looked. And visit the museum to learn more about dinosaur babies and parents. [site intro} site annotation for National Geographic: Dinosaur Eggs

bulletDino Dan - This site is filled with games and activities related to dinosaurs. Dig up dinosaurs at a dig site using your shovel, pick axe and brush or raise a dinosaur. site annotation for Dino Dan

bulletHistorica Heritage Minutes: Joseph Tyrrell - This site has a video reenactment of Joseph Tyrrell's important dinosaur discovery in the Alberta Badlands in 1884. site annotation for Historica Heritage Minutes: Joseph Tyrrell

bulletDinosaur Provincial Park - "From your first view into the Badlands, you know that Dinosaur Provincial Park truly is not only one of Alberta's special places, but one also shared with the world. The park was designated a World Heritage Site in 1979 by the United Nations." [site]  site annotation for Dinosaur Provincial Park

bulletThe Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum - This museum will showcase the history of the Grande Prairie area from the time of the dinosaurs to the present. There will be exhibits on dinosaur bones, arrowheads, local wildlife, and pioneer artifacts complete with a historical village.  site annotation for The Philip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

bulletWelcome to the Royal Tyrrell Museum - Visit this wonderful website of The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada. Explore the different eras and the life of Mr. Tyrrell from the front page. site annotation for Welcome to the Royal Tyrrell Museum

bulletRoyal Tyrrell Museum - Distance Learning - "Using videoconferencing technology and the Alberta SuperNet, students learn about the fascinating history of ancient life without leaving the classroom!" (site)  site annotation for Royal Tyrrell Museum - Distance Learning

bulletGoing Gobi - Take a peek into the scrapbook of two real fossil hunters digging for fossils in Mongolia. You can check out: where Mongolia is, the fossils they found and the tools they used. site annotation for Going Gobi

bulletDinosaur Timeline - Explore which dinosaurs existed during each time period. site annotation for Dinosaur Timeline

bulletTour Through Time - Explore each era and see where 6 massive extinctions occurred. You could also use the menus on either side of the page to choose eras to explore. site annotation for Tour Through Time

bulletSharp-toothed Boreonykus, a dog-sized dinosaur, found near Grande Prairie - Read about the announcement of a new type of dinosaur found in Alberta's Pipestone Creek (Grande Prairie) area. site annotation for Sharp-toothed Boreonykus, a dog-sized dinosaur, found near Grande Prairie

bulletScholastic: Dinosaur Times - Use the clues to put the dinosaurs into the correct periods on the timeline. site annotation for Scholastic: Dinosaur Times

bulletPhilip J. Currie Museum: Dinos of the Peace Region - Read about some of the dinosaurs that have been found in the Peace Region of Alberta. site annotation for Philip J. Currie Museum: Dinos of the Peace Region

bulletPhilip J. Currie Museum: Ask a Palaeo - The museum has a page of FAQ's about dinosaurs in general and those found in the Peace Region of Alberta. site annotation for Philip J. Currie Museum: Ask a Palaeo

bulletDrawing Dinos - "How do artists start with a bunch of bones and turn them into dynamic drawings of living dinosaurs?" (site) Get some tips from an expert. site annotation for Drawing Dinos

bulletBeyond T-Rex - Learn about some of the less known dinosaurs by using this cladogram, which is like a family tree. It's a way of organizing dinosaurs based on the unique characteristics they share, like a three-toed foot or a hole in the hip socket. site annotation for Beyond T-Rex

bulletLondon's Natural History Museum: The Dino Directory - Visit the Dino Directory to explore dinosaurs from A-Z. Check out the top 5 dinosaurs, along with a viewable 3D model or AR model (requires webcam and printer). There are articles, fact files and more. site annotation for London's Natural History Museum: The Dino Directory

bulletDigging in the Dirt - "Imagine that you’re a palaeontologist and your team has located a dinosaur skeleton. How can you ensure you’ll get it back to the lab in one piece? The art and science of excavating dinosaur bones is a lot of hard work, but a lot of fun too." (Site) site annotation for Digging in the Dirt

bulletYou Dig? - Be a paleontologist in this online digging experience and uncover the dinosaur bones. site annotation for You Dig?

bulletLayers of Time: Fossil Game - Put the rock layers in order from the oldest to the youngest. Can you line up the Cretaceous, Jurassic and Triassic periods? site annotation for Layers of Time: Fossil Game

bulletPBS: Microraptor - Wind Tunnel Test - The microraptor was discovered in China in 2000. Scientists from around the world met to discover how this raptor flew. "In this interactive based on their findings, conduct your own virtual wind-tunnel experiment and see for yourself how this pint-sized dinosaur likely glided." [site] site annotation for PBS: Microraptor - Wind Tunnel Test

bulletNOVA: Built to Fly - This NOVA interactive compares three of the more bird-like dinosaurs: archaeopteryx, microraptor and deinonychus. Within the detailed pictures, choose skeletal image and examine specific body parts or choose to view the life drawing. site annotation for NOVA: Built to Fly

bulletEating with Scissors - Watch an animation of how ceratopsians ate their food in a scissor-like action. site annotation for Eating with Scissors

bulletUnusual Suspects - "Knowing what group a dinosaur belongs to is a good way to keep them organized in your mind." (site) Learn your dinosaur groups and help Dr. Rex Von Claws capture the dinosaurs that have escaped in present-day Ottawa! site annotation for Unusual Suspects

bulletDinos in Time - "Dinosaurs appeared 225 million years ago, thrived for 160 million years, and then suffered mass extinction 65 million years ago." (site) Take a look at the Triassic, Jurassic, Cretaceous periods to see what dinosaurs and other animals thrived in each period. site annotation for Dinos in Time

bulletWhat is a Dinosaur? - "In the squares around the screen there are eight prehistoric animals. Some are dinosaurs and others are animals that sometimes get mistaken for dinosaurs." (site) Do you know which of these animals is not a dinosaur? site annotation for What is a Dinosaur?

bulletWho's Hip? - "Dinosaurs are divided into two main groups. One is called the saurischians and the other the ornithischians. The way to tell them apart is by their hips..." (site) After you've learned which animals belong to the groups, help Dr. D in his medical clinic. He's got a waiting room full of dinosaurs... site annotation for Who's Hip?

bulletFoot Bones - Take a look at a chamosaur footprint and see if you can match the metacarpals to the print. Then, watch an animation of a chamosaur walking, including a detailed look at their front feet. site annotation for Foot Bones

bulletDino-bird Connection - "The feathered discoveries raise two important questions about dinosaurs. What is the relationship between birds and dinosaurs? And, how did flight evolve from land-dwelling feathered reptiles?" (site)  site annotation for Dino-bird Connection

bulletDeclining Diversity - "Some fossil sites seem to show that as the extinction at the K-T boundary approached, the number of different dinosaur species was decreasing... The fossils in each layer of rock give us a snapshot of life at that specific time." (site) Watch a video of a paleontologist offering an explanation.  site annotation for Declining Diversity

bulletBe the Artist! - "Figuring out what dinosaurs looked like is a unique blend of science and art." In this activity, you can decide what the dinosaurs look like, including the colour and texture of their skin. Have fun! site annotation for Be the Artist!

bulletCanadian Encyclopedia: Joseph Tyrrell - Here is a biography and image of Joseph Tyrrell. At the bottom of the page, there are several suggestions for further reading. site annotation for Canadian Encyclopedia: Joseph Tyrrell

bulletUncrating the Cretaceous - "Reassemble the Cretaceous one bone at a time with the Canadian Museum of Nature." site annotation for Uncrating the Cretaceous

bulletDinosaur Word Search I - Click here for a Dinosaur Word Search! site annotation for Dinosaur Word Search I

bulletWalking with Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Gallery - Scroll down to find the gallery of dinosaurs and then click on a dinosaur that interests you. You will find information about that dinosaur: when and where they lived, their teeth, bodies and more. You can also compare the dinosaur's height, weight and length to things in your world. site annotation for Walking with Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Gallery

bulletJurassic Forest videos - Check out these great videos, created by the palaeontologists at The Jurassic Forest, north of Edmonton. Learn about dino classification, brontosaurus, deep time and invertebrates. site annotation for Jurassic Forest videos

bulletConstruct-A-Saurus - Enter the lab and construct your dinosaur. Then, unleash it into the wild. site annotation for Construct-A-Saurus

bulletPBS: What Killed the Dinosaurs? - On this interactive, learn about the extinction of the dinosaurs. site annotation for PBS: What Killed the Dinosaurs?

bulletPrehistoric Life: burying bodies - In this interactive exercise, you can take the body of a dead beast and decide where it will be buried. Did you chose a location where the bones are likely to be protected and fossilise? site annotation for Prehistoric Life: burying bodies

bulletBBC: Age of the Dinosaurs - Visit this BBC to read articles and see wonderful illustrations of dinosaurs. Learn about the rise and fall of the dinosaur world as well as new developments in paleontology. site annotation for BBC: Age of the Dinosaurs

bulletBBC: Skeleton Jigsaws - You need to put the prehistoric skeletons back together. There are four levels to choose from. site annotation for BBC: Skeleton Jigsaws

bulletThe Mystery of the Ankylosaur - This activity provides details about the Ankylosaur, a recently discovered dinosaur. site annotation for The Mystery of the Ankylosaur

bulletName That Reptile! - "Pick any group of Mesozoic reptiles on the left. Each group contains three reptiles to choose from. Match the name to the right reptile and you'll win a printable data sheet." (site) Psst.. you may want to check out the What's in a name? link first. site annotation for Name That Reptile!

bulletDinosaur Train: All Aboard - Take a trip on the dinosaur train and learn more about the dinosaurs in the triassic, the jurassic and the cretaceous periods. site annotation for Dinosaur Train: All Aboard

bulletBuild a Dinosaur! - "Scientists out on a dig have found parts from six different dinosaurs. Put the parts together to create a dinosaur that really existed, OR create an imaginary dinosaur of your own!" (site) site annotation for Build a Dinosaur!

bulletDinosaurs: Real or Make-Believe? - How much do you know about dinosaurs? "Is it real or is it make-believe? Show us that you know the difference! But watch out - you might be surprised!" [site] site annotation for Dinosaurs: Real or Make-Believe?

bulletZipper's Cave Maze - Zipper is exploring the dangerous and exciting dinosaur caverns of Arizona. Can you help him on his quest? site annotation for Zipper's Cave Maze

bulletDino Dig! - Play this interactive game; dig up dinosaur fossils and put the dinosaurs back together. site annotation for Dino Dig!

bulletPrehistoric Climate Change and Why it Matters Today - By analyzing leaf fossils, you can examine how the earth's increased temperatures affected the planet. site annotation for Prehistoric Climate Change and Why it Matters Today

bulletLearnAlberta: Cretaceous Crime Scene - Can you help with this crime scene investigation? There's been some suspicious dinosaur deaths and we need you to investigate all of the clues and decide who committed the crime. site annotation for LearnAlberta: Cretaceous Crime Scene

bulletDino models like the real thing! - Watch this great video of a sculptor creating life-size models of dinosaurs for the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller. (Note: there may be a short advertisement before the video starts) site annotation for Dino models like the real thing!

bulletLife Has a History - Have you ever heard of a quagga? Visit this site and learn more the quagga and the diversity of life through history. site annotation for Life Has a History

bulletThe emu-dino link - Watch this video of a scientist studying the connection between emus and dinosaurs. By studying the way emus walk, he is getting closer to understanding dinosaur footprints. site annotation for The emu-dino link

bulletHow it's Made: Fossils - See how ancient bones and modern technology are used together to create replicas of dinosaur fossils. site annotation for How it's Made: Fossils

bulletA summer spent digging for dinos! - In this video, take a walk through the Alberta Badlands as a paleontologist looks for dinosaur fossils. Note: there may be a short commercial before the video starts. site annotation for A summer spent digging for dinos!

bulletDinosaur Floor - Enter the Dinosaur Floor and explore different explanations for the end of the dinosaurs. Meet some of the dinosaurs that ruled the earth during the Mesozoic Age. This is a flash, interactive web site for students to browse and research. site annotation for Dinosaur Floor

bulletConstructing the Barosaurus - Watch this video of the construction of Gordo, a Barosaurus skeleton mounted at the Royal Ontario Museum. This is one of the largest mounted dinosaur skeletons in Canada. site annotation for Constructing the Barosaurus

bulletBreakout Dinosaurs with Hugh Brewster - Enjoy this great video podcast with Hugh Brewster, author of Breakout Dinosaurs: Canada's Coolest, Scariest Ancient Creatures – Return! He'll tell you about some of his favourite dinosaurs. site annotation for Breakout Dinosaurs with Hugh Brewster

bulletThe ROM Welcomes Gordo the Barosaurus - In this video podcast, learn more about Gordo, the Royal Ontario Museum's new Barosaurus as it is being installed. Discover how the skeleton was found and what makes it so unique to the collection.  site annotation for The ROM Welcomes Gordo the Barosaurus

bulletDinosaur Eggs - In this interactive, you can hunt around the world for fossilised dinosaur eggs and use your special tools to hatch the eggs. Then, see what these eggs and embryos would have looked like by watching a model being created. site annotation for Dinosaur Eggs

bulletThe Dinosaur Museum - Utah - A special focus on feathered dinosaurs. Make sure you look at the videos and slide shows on this site. site annotation for The Dinosaur Museum - Utah

bulletDr. George Johnson's Backgrounders: Dinosaurs - A concise summary of dinosaur information excellent for study notes or teacher prep material. site annotation for Dr. George Johnson's Backgrounders: Dinosaurs

bulletBlack Hills Geological Research - This site offers a glimpse into a working field team, preparing fossils, and skeleton images. site annotation for Black Hills Geological Research

bulletDinoDictionary - Are you interested in dinosaurs? Check out this dictionary and learn more about your favourites. site annotation for DinoDictionary

bulletFossilisation - Watch the journeys of several bodies and discover what elements must combine to create a perfect fossil. site annotation for Fossilisation

bulletDinosaurs, Monsters, Terrible Lizards - What is your favourite dinosaur? On this site, you can learn about other kids' favourites and vote for your own. Learn more about all kinds of dinosaurs. Who knows, maybe you'll find a new favourite? site annotation for Dinosaurs, Monsters, Terrible Lizards

bulletWho Dung it? - Take this quiz to find out how well you know your 'coprolites'. What is a coprolite? Ancient fossilised droppings (dung). site annotation for Who Dung it?

bulletDraw T-Rex! - "In this activity, students learn how scientists determine what prehistoric animals looked like based on their bones." site annotation for Draw T-Rex!

bulletDinosaurs: Facts and Fiction - In this website from the U.S. Geological Survey, key questions about dinosaurs are explored. site annotation for Dinosaurs: Facts and Fiction

bulletDinoBase - Dinobase is a dinosaur database with a list of dinosaurs, a classification of dinosaurs, pictures, and more... site annotation for DinoBase

bulletStrange Science - the rocky road to modern paleontology and biology - This site contains "an eclectic collection of old illustrations and information assembled by an ordinary Web user. " The website is a good site for the history of scientific thought. Other interesting elements include: Goof Gallery - A collection of mistakes made by early scientists and artists... site annotation for Strange Science - the rocky road to modern paleontology and biology

bulletHooper Virtual Paleontological Museum - A virtual tour for students on topics related to the earth's crust and the geological time scale. Tours of the Burgess Shale, a study of the cycles of death through history and the organization of organic evolution. site annotation for Hooper Virtual Paleontological Museum

bulletDiscovery Channel: Dinosaur Guide - A great research site with excellent visuals; includes introduction to mammoths. site annotation for Discovery Channel: Dinosaur Guide

bulletDiscovering Dinosaurs - The introductory flash is intriguing all by itself... Developed by Encyclopedia Britannica, it is a comprehensive research site. site annotation for Discovering Dinosaurs

bulletBosco's Rock Pile - This site provides a place to share Dinosaur, Geology and Paleontology sites, photos, information and links. There is information on dinosaurs, rocks and minerals, and fossils. Check out the blog from the dinosaur dig. site annotation for Bosco's Rock Pile

bulletThe Dinosauria - Excellent site for young and old who are researching Dinosaurs and Fossils. site annotation for The Dinosauria

bulletAll about fossils - This site from the Oxford University Museum of Natural History introduces the basics. What are fossils? What can fossils tell us? How do fossils form? What are some different types of fossils? site annotation for All about fossils